Dear customer

After a long and dry winter, Sorell Fruit Farm is ready to come back!

Our farm will reopen on 7th October, Saturday, with our flourish blossom.

This time, we invite you to witness a new Sorell Fruit Farm. We have installed

completely new net covering the cherry and apple area during the winter. We have

also started some test planting of some new varieties, Meyer Lemon and Gojiberry.

Other than these improvements, our 32,000 strawberries will keep bringing you with

the most fresh strawberry very soon in late October.

Thanks for the support from all our customers, we are all waiting for your visit, and

sharing the joy of the new season.

Sorell Fruit Farm

 Liqueurs  Apricots
 Vinegars  Blackcurrants
 Jam  Boysen Berries
 Manuka Honey  Cherries
 Leatherwood Honey  Josta Berries
   Nashi Pears
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 Sorell Fruit Farm is located 3km from the Sorell Town centre.
174 Pawleena Road , Sorell 7172 , Tasmania

Our Café is fast becoming a popular rendezvous for locals and travellers. Our freshly-picked fruits and berries make our smoothies, shakes and frappes, and our delicious cakes and scones, something special.


"This place is so peaceful there is nothing more to hear."

We are especially proud of the many species of birds found on the farm and we planted a wide variety of native trees to encourage most of them. Nevertheless cherries are netted to protect them from large flocks of starlings and, to a lesser extent, blackbirds.

Our unique jams, vinegars, chutneys and pickles are made for Sorell Fruit Farm and by unique Tasmanian producers.


Packed in 300g bottles with attractive labels they make an ideal gift or souvenir.

Opening times: Every day October to April 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  Early or late arrival need to make a reservation.