We grow blackcurrants of the variety called white bud. We have a small area of redcurrants.


Currants have growth requirements similar to brambleberries but are free standing. The major problem with currants is the currant borer moth, the caterpillars of which feed on the pith in the stems.


The pith is the major region for the over-winter storage of carbohydrates by the plant and is critical to good fruit development. 


Commercial growers use a pheromone to confuse the male moths but, as we discovered through intense research in other areas of Tasmania, this is only effective where the area of currants exceeds several hectares. 


We have too few currants to apply this technique and are forced to live with this pest. 


Its black, day-flying moths, known as clear wings, because you can see through the wings, are often seen on currants around midday in January.


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