Leatherwood Honey


As far as we can determine, the Leatherwood plant that supplies our honey grows only in Tasmania. The Leatherwood plant has very ancient origins, remaining after the super continent Gondwana split apart more than 60 million years ago. A truly unique mono-floral honey from a very unique place.


Our Leatherwood Honey has a bold presence, creating a distinct flavour profile when eating, baking, or preparing a glaze or dressing.


Blue Hills Leatherwood is gathered by bees in the protected Tarkine Wilderness, a pristine temperate rain forest in Northwest Tasmania, home of the world's cleanest air and water.


Blue Hills apiary has exclusive access this region. Only 20 people per year have right to access this region and the Blue Hills family are half of them.


Any further information please sent us an email.



Opening times: Every day October to April 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  Early or late arrival need to make a reservation.