The fruits grown in cool climates such as Tasmania have two important features. First they are often only ripe and pickable for one or two months in the spring or summer, and sometimes the autumn. Second, they mostly have intense flavours. A visit to the farm allows the visitor to experience those special "straight off the bush" flavours.


Many visitors love to share those flavours with friends, but if the friends are overseas, returning with the farm's fresh fruits is not possible. Nevertheless it can be achieved with alcoholic liqueurs.


Our liqueurs are made by extracting separately the juices of the many different fruits with a low level of heating and then preventing fermentation, which often leads to the loss of those special fresh fruit flavours, by the addition of alcohol to achieve a final product with an alcohol level of 16%. Once made the final product is stored for at least 12 months to mature. This method is one long used in the famous liqueur producing regions of Europe.


The liqueurs are best served before dinner as an addition to a good white wine, preferably sparking. Alternately after dinner, with good chocolates, and good friends.


The liqueurs are made by Bob Hardy, the original developer of Sorell Fruit Farm, on a nearby property with some of the farm's fruits as well as some grown by other fruit producers in the Derwent Valley. His business name is Tasmanian Liqueurs.


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Opening times: Every day October to April 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  Early or late arrival need to make a reservation.