Local Wildlife


The following mammals inhabit the farm area. Except for the echinda, that wonders the farm most days in summer, they are nocturnal and known mainly from their feeding activity.




Brush possums


Eastern barred bandicoot


Echidna "resident"




Ring-tailed possums


Rufous wallaby (ocassionally)


Tasmanian devil (ocassionally)


We are especially proud of the many species of birds found on the farm and we planted a wide variety of native trees to encourage most of them. Nevertheless cherries are netted to protect them from large flocks of starlings and, to a lesser extent, blackbirds.


Our tree-ripened apples, pears and nashi are the favourite food of the cheeky musk lorikeet. It sometimes reaches flocks of 60 birds in April and we temporarily net fruits to stop its attack.


These fruits are also the favourites of the endemic green mountain parrot, white eyes, the lesser wattlebird and the noisy miner but the level of their attack does not warrant netting.


Blackbird damage to the berries is obvious early in the season but is not sufficient to require the use of nets.




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