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Mixing Notes

All the Liqueurs, if mixed with a

sparkling white wine,

are excellent pre-dinner appetisers.

They are also a marvellous accompaniment,

as they are, after dessert

with a special chocolate selection.

Strawberry Liqueur

The delicious flavours of

freshly-picked strawberries

infuse this delicious Liqueur

Strawberry Liqueur

The definitive flavour of

fresh ripe raspberries

flavours this smooth Liqueur

Tayberry Liqueur

Our bestseller, the Tayberry Liqueur

raspberry and blackberry parents to

produce an excellent pre-dinner

appetiser when blended with a

sparkling white wine.

Jostaberry Liqueur

Unique flavours surface in this

cross between a gooseberry and


to make an intruguing Liqueur

Loganberry Liqueur

This cross between a

blackberry and raspberry

produces intense flavours

Wild Blackberry Liqueur

The luscious flavours

of wild blackberries dominate

this lovely Liqueur

Silvanberry Liqueur

This luscious Liqueur captures

the unique flavours of freshly-picked

silvanberries - a cultivated


Cherry Liqueur

This smooth Liqueur

is a subtle blend of

sweet and sour cherries

Blackcurrant Liqueur

to suit all palates

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