School trips


Sorell Fruit Farm is becoming an increasingly popular destination for school programs. We pride ourselves on our child-friendly activities.


We are very pleased to host school groups, both in term time and as part of tour programs. On our 4-hectare orchard we grow 15 different types of fruit, all available for picking from the ground by children and adults, and at any one time it is usually possible to pick four different types of fruit. However strawberries and cherries are the favourites. We usually do not spray our fruit; instead we use a range of biological control methods.


We provide plastic punnets into which the fruit can be picked. After picking we provide plastic wrap so children can secure their pick.


The farm has a restaurant and gift shop with ice creams, snacks and meals. As well we have a covered outdoor area where groups of up to 50 can picnic as part of the fruit experience. This area can be booked separately.


The farm produces a wide range of jams, vinegars, wines and liqueurs from its fruits, thereby demonstrating the many uses to which fruit can be put.


A visit to Sorell Fruit Farm has a very significant educational value and to assist in this we have prepared work sheets for primary and secondary students which can be copied as required.

Opening times: Every day October to April 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  Early or late arrival need to make a reservation.