Strawberry varieties grown at Sorell Fruit Farm


Adina (Short day variety)


Fruit are exceptionally large, conic to wedge shaped, frequently producing fruit exceeding 60g in size during spring and early summer. Skin is bright red and moderately glossy with the appearance being maintained throughout the season. The flesh is medium red, low in acidity and high in aroma. Plants of Adina are productive, with a flat globose plant habit, are quite open and moderately vigorous.


Cal Giant 3 (Short day variety)


A mid to late season variety . High levels of resistance to a wide range of diseases are claimed. Fruit are very attractive, red, highly glossy, conical, large sized (20+ g), firm and resilient. Flesh is bright red, of good flavour. Fruit are well displayed, and easily harvested, but may suffer from some rain damage and have a tendency to ripen from tips. This variety is becoming popular in the southern states, with a late April early May planting.


Lowanna (Day neutral)


Plants are highly productive. Fruit is uniformly red in colour, large and very glossy. Flesh is light red throughout.


Kalinda (Day neutral variety)


Fruit are large, conical shaped, frequently producing fruit exceeding 35g in size during spring. Skin is bright red and moderately glossy, resulting in attractive fruit, with the appearance being maintained throughout the season. There is little variation in shape between primary, secondary and tertiary fruits. Kalinda proved to be highly productive in Victorian and South Australian grower trials, often exceeding 7 punnets per plant with a pack out exceeding 85%. It has shown strong resistance to Powdery Mildew, root and crown diseases, also good resistance to rain damage and Two Spotted Mites. Kalinda is expected to compete well with other day neutral varieties due to its firm red flesh, good handling properties and juicy fruit.


Seascape (Day Neutral))


In cooler areas it produces large berries with excellent flavor, over a long season, fruiting is concentrated in late spring with high yields into the autumn. Each cluster produces one extra-large berry (called the king berry). This variety has good disease resistance. The fruit is red right through which also makes it a good processing berry.


Alinta (Day Neutral)


Alinta will be of considerable interest due to its day neutral characteristic, large attractive firm fruit and its maintenance of this quality throughout the fruiting season. It performs well from either a summer or winter planting, It is very high yielding and shows no particular susceptibility to pests, and leaf or fruit diseases. In Victorian trials, Fruit are orange red in colour, large and very glossy resulting in highly attractive fruit which is maintained well throughout the fruiting season. Its only obvious fault is the amount of foliage it produces which would slow down the picking rate. This excess foliage would be an advantage to some growers because it should reduce the amount of bird damage and sunburn.


Euroka (Day Neutral)


It has good colour and flavour, is reasonably firm and has a long cropping season.



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